Warlock Air Racing Team
Photo Gallery 1 - The Airplane

Al Goss and Gene McNeely fly formation racing

rollin' down the ramp...

Al Goss flies #75 Warlock almost directly over pylon 2 for the start of Heat 2A. The T-6 races started from the South this year, similar to the Unlimiteds and L-39 jets

Randy helps strap in the pilot


Warlock turns around pylon 6 heading for the homestretch

you can almost make out "WARBIRD.COM" on the vertical stab just under "A"...

the work of the drag-reduction team is evident here as Warlock's highly polished wing and tailfeathers sparkle in the Reno sun at pylon 2

Roger shows off the new exhaust manifold

Warlock & Warlock Jr.

another plane with NAVY markings rolls by Warlock at Reno

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