Voodoo Chile - slight return...
"Hurricane" Hannah takes nap at 500mph - wakes up at 9,000 feet!

...if I don't see you in this world,
I'll meet you in the next one, don't be late!
'cause I'm a voodoo chile, voodoo chile,
Lord knows I'm a voodoo chile!
- apologies to Jimi

Highly modified for racing, last year's P-51 #55 Voodoo Chile became #5 Voodoo, a serious contender for the '98 unlimited championship.

Owner Bob Button of Winters, CA really wanted to win this year and committed large amounts of time and personal resources to the effort.

"Hurricane" Bob Hannah in #5 Voodoo leads favorite Dago Red in an early heat race. Voodoo was the top qualifier in the unlimited class, turning the pyons at a blistering 452.55 mph lap average.

Race pilot "Hurricane" Bob Hannah

Button describes what happened to his airplane in Saturday's heat race. Apparently, the left elevator trim tab came off the airplane at speed, causing the bird to abruptly pitch up, subjecting driver Hannah to over 10 G's of deceleration forces, and causing him to lose conciousness! When he came to, the raceplane had climbed to over 9,000 feet of altitude. A shaken Hannah regained control and brought Voodoo in for a safe landing. Suspected structural damage kept the sleek raceplane out of Sunday's championship competition.

The raceplane missing the vital trim tab.

Button says he's throwing in the towel.

Still smiling, Bob Button peeks out from the driver's seat.

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